Galvanised Steel Anti-vandal Lids

Manufactured from 5mm thick flat bar or Durbar sheet, Aqua Anti-vandal Catch-pit lids have been in use since prior to Railtrack and Network Rail’s formulation. All lids are galvanised in accordance with EN ISO 1461:2009.

Although designed for use with precast concrete (PCC) catch-pit frames, Anti-vandal lids can be fitted to Derby GRP frames by removing the ‘L’ bracket and using 1no. M8 x 25 mm bolt instead.

Standard grated Anti-vandal Lid - 0057 / 100742

Standard Solid Anti-vandal Lid - 0057 / 100743

Narrow (Matisa) Grated Anti-vandal Lid - 0057 / 100833

Narrow (Matisa) Grated 1/2 Frame Anti-vandal Lid - 0057 / 100832

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