Catch-pit Ancillaries


Rubber Stone Guards

Patent No. - 2542850 

Factory fitted to suit TDK and TDE pipes, Rubber Stone Guards reduce the ability for the granular fill material to ingress the GRP preformed sump unit during installation. This reduces the time taken on site to install a catch-pit as no additional works are required to ‘dig out’ any fill material that has accumulated in the catch-pit sump. 

Product Pipe Size PADs Code
225 RSG <225 mm ID TDK Pipe
<250 mm OD TDE Pipe
0057 / 101366
300 RSG <300 mm ID TDK Pipe
<355 mm OD TDE Pipe
0057 / 101367
450 RSG <450 mm ID TDK Pipe
<450 mm OD TDE Pipe
0057 / 101368

Rodding Ledges 

For use with Watford and Extra-Deep Watford sump units and installed in pairs. 

Rodding Ledges sit neatly in a recess either side and at the top of the preformed sump unit to provide a platform for operatives to stand on during installation or maintenance. 

Can be used in conjunction with PCC or Derby GRP catch-pit frames. 

  • Must be installed in Watford or Extra-Deep Watford GRP Sump Units 
  • Provides a platform within the catch-pit, raised from the sump invert to perform maintenance tasks. 
  • 1270 mm Long x 190 mm Wide x 65 mm Deep 
  • GRP – 7Kg 
  • PCC - 38Kg

Rodding Ledge Type PADs Code
Pre-Cast Concrete (PCC) 0004 / 013510
Derby GRP 0057 / 100656


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